Media picture in Kosova

December - 2007


Survey Information

• The fieldwork conducted between 25-31 October, 2007
• Sample: 1,104 respondents, Kosovan Albanian and non-Serb minorities
• Representative sample of Kosova population aged 15+ years
• 35-minute face-to-face interview, in-home of respondent
• Every fourth interview back-checked in the field
• Margin of error = ±2.9%

Main Source of Information

• Television continues to remain the main source of information for citizen of Kosova.

TV = 85% Radio = 6% Print = 6%



Viewership of TV channels

• Overall, there is a clear drop in television viewership, which could be due to the poor condition of power supply during the period of the survey. While RTK and KTV have kept approximately the same level of viewership, RTV21 has continued to drop.

Total = 71%, RTK = 39%, RTV21 = 30%, KTV = 19%, Other = 13%

Programs with highest ratings – period 24-30 October 2007

• The most watched program during this week on RTK again was the local TV show “Familja moderne”, on RTV21 it was the music show “Shyhrete Behluli & Mahmut Ferati”, and on KTV it was the entertainment program “Përrallë me tupan”.

RTK “Familja moderne” = 25.3% (max.)

RTV21 “Shyhrete Behluli & Mahmut Ferati” = 22.6% (max.)

KTV “Përrallë me tupan” = 19.9% (max)

Listenership of Radio Stations

• Radio has marked a significant drop in listenership compared to the previous period, mainly due to the dominance of television in the coverage of events related to the election campaign, which began at the time of the survey in the field. Consequently, all radio stations have marked a drop in listenership.

Total = 23%, Dukagjini = 5%, Kosova = 4%, Radio 21 = 1%, Tjetër = 17%

Readership of Daily Newspapers

• Koha ditore still remains the most read daily newspaper in Kosova, followed by Kosova sot. Approximately the same readership is shared by Bota sot, Infor Press and Zëri, followed by Lajm, Express and Epoka e re.

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